About Me

Hello to all, my name is Susan Brody and I am widowed mother of two now grow up adults, son Mark and daughter Molly, living in Montana. I moved to Montana after my husband passed away to not only get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city but to also become more connected with the land again. Growing up as child in Ohio we always lived on a farm and I will never forget how good the fresh pick and home made food made me feel as well as having access to so much outside space to enjoy. One of the best parts of living on a farm was having access to all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables and now that I have gotten back to healthy eating roots in Montana I want to help others achieve the same. Processed foods are starting to be really looked down upon by the health community and rightfully so as I truly believe the body simply does not function as optimally when filled with non raw foods. I hope to show with this blog that fresh fruits and vegetables are a crucial aspect to creating a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle and with today’s easy access to them both online and off there should be no more excuses as to why people are not adding more them into their eating habits and patterns.

If You Want To Produce It Starts With Your Produce
Susan Brody