The 5 Colors of Vegetables – Its A Rainbow of Health

As you most of you know I am a hug proponent of eating raw fruits and vegetables as I do not think we realize how important this is to our health and wellness. There are so many great food options out there today such as being able to even order your vegetables and fruits for home delivery online that there should be no excuses when it comes to eating healthier. I came across this “5 colors of vegetables” infographic and think its a great representation of not only just how many raw food options there are out there but also highlights just how deficient many of us our in certain areas in regards to th vitamins and nutrients we need to maintain optimal health. Lets take a look at the colors and stats.


Vegetable Color #1 – Red

75% of people do not eat enough vegetables with red color.

Did you know watermelons are considered a vegetable? The great thing about vegetables is they have a loose definition that can span a wide spectrum of choices for various health values. Red vegetables are especially adept at fighting against cancers.

Vegetable Color #2 – Blue / Purple

76% of people do not eat enough vegetables with blue / purple color.

Good for bone and brain health vegetables like eggplant can go along way towards assisting in the fight against aging.

Vegetable Color #3 – Green

69% of people do not eat enough vegetables with green color.

Great for improved health for such things as the eyes, liver and lungs green vegetables provide health support to a variety of the body’s functions. One of the more diverse vegetable color charts this is great veggie color to start with due the the sheer volume of healthy options at the grocer.

Vegetable Color #4 – White

83% of people do not eat enough vegetables with white color.

Perfect for the circulatory system, artery function and so much more you can rarely go wrong with adding more vegetables like garlic, onions and mushrooms into the diet. Its also the highest category on the list of vegetables not eaten.

Vegetable Color #5 – Yellow / Orange

80% of people do not eat enough vegetables with yellow / orange color.

Rounding out this rainbow of vegetables is yellow a category to focus on for immune system improvement and increased physical strength among other benefits. Carrots, bananas and more you will find in this category.

So what is your favorite color vegetable? Have a favorite veggie recipe you want to share? Really loved this “5 colors of vegetables” infographic and just thought it was a must share.

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