3 Favorite Vegetable and Fruit Snacks To Enjoy While Vaping – Clouds of Smoke and Healthy Catering

downloadUsually for the casual vaping enthusiast the action of using a vape pen is about relaxing and sitting back and enjoying the finer things in life.  Its about clearing the mind while filling ones self with all types of warm goodness.  Since the act of vaping is about easing the body and mind it often goes hand and hand with enjoying a good snack or meal.  One of the most satisfying aspects of blowing clouds from a portable vaporizer is the body high that comes with it and it can really do wonders for your overall energy.  When it comes to our own personal eating habits when it comes to combining vaping and enjoying great food is that we like to stick to the healthier side things.  The are few things we love more then having a great fruit or vegetable snack while vaping on our Pax 3 vaporizer.  Lets take a look at some of our favorite vegetable and fruit snacks to enjoy before, during or after a good vape session.

Favorite Vegetable and Fruit Snack To Enjoy During A Vape Session Number One: Sugar Snap Peas and Hummus

As we are often on the go with our portable vaporizer pen we will start off our favorite vegetable snack list with a food that travels well and that vegetable is sugar snap peas.  Sugar snap peas are super delicious and can be just tossed in a bag.  They also give off a super refreshing vibe and a perfect little bit of sweetness as well.  We also love them because they are easy to dip and we can get enough of them when we have our favorite hummus chip and salad dressing dip around as well

Favorite Vegetable and Fruit Snack To Enjoy During A Vape Session Number Two: Frozen Grapes and Frozen Kiwi Bites

Did you know that the overly cool temperature of fruit can help us slow down while eating?  Sometimes after a long vaping session our appetites can be a little bit out of control which is why we love the idea of eating frozen fruits.  Not only does freezing fruit bring out the sweetness of it but it also reminds to take our time when snacking which goes along way towards a happy tummy and a happy vape session.

Favorite Vegetable and Fruit Snack To Enjoy During A Vape Session Number Three: Avocado With Salt, Pepper, and Lime

This last snack we have found that its hit or miss with our friends but we absolutely love it.  One thing you will want to assure to use a bit of a coarse rather then fine salt to give it a bit of texture and extra taste.  Pink Himalayan salt is often a good choice.  Also do not skimp on the olive oil either.  This is one snack you will want to use the highest quality you can find and it only takes about one teaspoon per avocado half.  Add a few squeezes of fresh lime and you are good to go.  This snack always gives us a boost of energy so if a vape sessions has us feeling a bit tired this is our go to rejuvenator.