Three Delectable Health Foods To Indulge In While Using Your Vape Pen

healthy-people-woman-girlThree Delectable Health Foods To Indulge In While Using Your Vape Pen – Natural Vaping Eating Habits To Build A Better You

Ordinarily for the easygoing vaping devotee the activity of utilizing a vape pen is about unwinding and kicking back and getting the most out of the better things in life. Its about clearing the brain while filling ones self with a wide range of warm goodness. Since the demonstration of vaping is about facilitating the body and mind it frequently runs hand and hand with indulging in a nice healthy snack r meal. A standout amongst the most fulfilling parts of portable vaporizers is the body high that accompanies it and it can truly do wonders for your general vitality. With regards to our very own dietary patterns, vaping and getting excited about extraordinary sustenance is the fact that we get a kick out of the chance to adhere to the more advantageous and healthy side of eating. The following is just a couple of the snacks we cherish all the more for not only there natural qualities but there ability to satisfy while vaping on a product Firefly 2 vaporizer. Lets investigate some of our most loved organic product snacks to appreciate some time recently, amid or after a decent vape session.

Favorite Health Food To Relish In While Vaping #1 – Organic Celery and Hummus Dip

As we are frequently in a hurry with our portable vaporizer pens in tow we will begin with our most loved vegetable snack list and first up is celery sticks with a healthy dip like Hummus. Celery sticks are an ideal dipping mechanism that can compliment any type of health dressing. They likewise radiate a super reviving vibe and a tiny bit of sweetness that give them the perfect make up for calorie and fat free eating. We additionally cherish them since they are anything but difficult to prepare and we can not get enough of them when we have our most loved hummus dip or mixed greens dressings to join them with.

Favorite Health Food To Relish In While Vaping #2 – Organic Frozen Pineapple and Peach Bites

Did you realize that the excessively cool temperatures of natural foods can help us not over indulge while eating? Some of the time after a long vaping session our cravings can be a tad bit wild which is the reason we adore eating cold organic products. Not only do cold organic natural foods draw out the sweetness of them it additionally reminds us to take are food consumption slow and within appropriate proportions to assure a health and happy stomach and digestive system.

Favorite Health Food To Relish In While Vaping #3 – Organic Avocado With Salt, Pepper, and Lime

This last snack we have found is a hit or miss with our friends yet we completely adore it. One thing you will need to utilize somewhat with snack is a coarse rather then fine salt to give it a touch of surface and additional texture and taste. Pink Himalayan salt is frequently a decent decision. Additionally don’t hold back on the olive oil either. This is one healthy diet addition you can use to utilize the most noteworthy of quality ingredients to discover and it just takes around one teaspoon for each avocado half. Include a couple presses of lime and you are ready to enjoy this avocado based treat. This snack dependably gives us a boost of vitality so if a vape session makes us feel somewhat drained this is our go to rejuvenator.

The 5 Colors of Vegetables – Its A Rainbow of Health

As you most of you know I am a hug proponent of eating raw fruits and vegetables as I do not think we realize how important this is to our health and wellness. There are so many great food options out there today such as being able to even order your vegetables and fruits for home delivery online that there should be no excuses when it comes to eating healthier. I came across this “5 colors of vegetables” infographic and think its a great representation of not only just how many raw food options there are out there but also highlights just how deficient many of us our in certain areas in regards to th vitamins and nutrients we need to maintain optimal health. Lets take a look at the colors and stats.


Vegetable Color #1 – Red

75% of people do not eat enough vegetables with red color.

Did you know watermelons are considered a vegetable? The great thing about vegetables is they have a loose definition that can span a wide spectrum of choices for various health values. Red vegetables are especially adept at fighting against cancers.

Vegetable Color #2 – Blue / Purple

76% of people do not eat enough vegetables with blue / purple color.

Good for bone and brain health vegetables like eggplant can go along way towards assisting in the fight against aging.

Vegetable Color #3 – Green

69% of people do not eat enough vegetables with green color.

Great for improved health for such things as the eyes, liver and lungs green vegetables provide health support to a variety of the body’s functions. One of the more diverse vegetable color charts this is great veggie color to start with due the the sheer volume of healthy options at the grocer.

Vegetable Color #4 – White

83% of people do not eat enough vegetables with white color.

Perfect for the circulatory system, artery function and so much more you can rarely go wrong with adding more vegetables like garlic, onions and mushrooms into the diet. Its also the highest category on the list of vegetables not eaten.

Vegetable Color #5 – Yellow / Orange

80% of people do not eat enough vegetables with yellow / orange color.

Rounding out this rainbow of vegetables is yellow a category to focus on for immune system improvement and increased physical strength among other benefits. Carrots, bananas and more you will find in this category.

So what is your favorite color vegetable? Have a favorite veggie recipe you want to share? Really loved this “5 colors of vegetables” infographic and just thought it was a must share.